Here We Go Again – Working Through a Government Shutdown
Government Contracts Legal Round-Up | 2023 Issue 19

Jenner’s Take in Bloomberg Law: How a Government Shutdown Will Impact Federal Enforcement, the Courts, and Congressional Investigations

With the government’s annual funding package set to expire Sept. 30 and no spending compromise in sight, the federal government appears headed for an imminent shutdown. Any shutdown will send hundreds of thousands of government workers home and bring many functions of government to a halt, with wide-ranging impacts on individuals and businesses across the US. For those organizations and businesses that rely upon and interact with the federal government, it’s essential to understand the shutdown’s legal impact—on agencies that make regulations, on the Department of Justice’s ability to enforce the law, on congressional investigations, and on the federal court system.

In a Bloomberg Law article, our team assessed the impact of a federal government shutdown on congressional investigations, DOJ activity, FTC enforcement, and federal courts.

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